Termination of Probationary Classified Employees


To provide instructions for the termination of probationary classified employees who have not successfully completed the probation period.


  1. Education Code Section 88013 provides that only those employees who have served a prescribed probationary period, which shall not exceed one year, shall be considered permanent employees.
  2. The various classified bargaining agreements provide for discharge of probationary employees at the discretion of the District.


  1. The probationary employee should be evaluated/disciplined, if appropriate, under the provisions of the appropriate bargaining agreement and timelines.
  2. The immediate supervisor/manager may contact the Employee Relations Manager for assistance during the evaluation/discipline process.
  3. When the decision is made that the probationary employee is not performing satisfactorily, a letter recommending termination must be written to the Assistant Chancellor - Human Resources.
  4. The Chancellor or Assistant Chancellor - Human Resources, has been delegated the authority to accept resignations and/or terminate employees.


  1. The Assistant Chancellor - Human Resources, will notify the employee in writing that they are being terminated on the recommendation of the manager.
  2. A Personnel Assignment Status Sheet (PASS) ending the assignment must be sent to Human Resources as soon as the last work date is established.
  3. The site timekeeper must indicate on the next timesheet submitted that the assignment ended and the employee was terminated.