Evaluation of Special Project Instructors


Purposes of Evaluation

To improve instruction by implementing Articles 2, 3, and 4, section 87600-87684 of the California Education Code, and by focusing the attention and concern of the faculty and administration on the need for the continued development of the professional skills and services of the certificated employees of the District.

Evaluation Standard

Contract and regular certificated employees are evaluated on an individual basis by a set of reasonable and specific standards which have been adopted for each class of employee. The District expects each employee to meet the standards established for his/her class or position as defined by the appropriate evaluation instrument.

Scheduled Performance Evaluation

  1. Each Special Projects Instructor will be evaluated quarterly.
    1. One quarter by an instructor from the Instructor School.
    2. One quarter by an appropriate Associate Dean.
    3. One quarter by an assigned peer instructor.
  2. An annual evaluation of each instructor will be completed by an appropriate Associate Dean during the quarter ending June 30 of each year.

Participants in the Evaluation Process

  1. In the process of conducting annual evaluations, there may be five (5) possible sources of input to the assessment of the employee's performance. Four (4) of the five (5) sources must be used. The employee will be notified not less than five (5) school days in advance of an impending evaluation.
    1. Performance Evaluation Report - 4300-PS-A001.
    2. Management Evaluation Report - 4300-PS-A-002.
    3. Peer Evaluation - 4300-PS-A-003. Evaluators to be selected by both the unit member and the site administrator.
    4. Student Evaluation - 4300-PS-A-004.
      1. End-of-course student critiques should also be assessed.
    5. Self-Evaluation - 4300-PS-A-005.

Evaluation of Special Project Certificated Staff

  1. After separate evaluations have been completed and collected, a face-to-face conference with the appropriate administrator shall be scheduled with each employee to discuss the proposed evaluation and recommendation(s). The employee may have, upon request, and only when discipline will be discussed as a part of the performance evaluation, a peer representative present at the conference.
  2. A second evaluation may be made by the Dean or his designee. Evaluations made by the site administrator and the Dean or his designee must be sent to the employee and placed in the District personnel file by March 15 of the rating year.

The Chief of Naval Educational Training (CNET) Form 1540/4 ("Instruction Evaluation Record") will be used for quarterly evaluations. Each area of evaluation form will be used, with an eye toward improvement, assistance and verification.