Evaluation of Associate Deans

Purpose of Evaluation

  • To enhance development of the professional skills and services of Associate Deans.
  • To ensure success of the District's mission to provide a high quality educational program to the San Diego Community.
  • To set forth reasonable and uniform standards of performance for the evaluation of Associate Deans.
  • To provide information that will be valid in determining retention, promotion, or remedial actions to be recommended or applied in specific cases.

Evaluation Standards

Associate Deans are evaluated on an individual basis, in accordance with assigned duties, by a set of reasonable and specific standard (performance criteria) as set forth and defined by the adopted evaluation instrument(s).

Frequency of Evaluation
Performance evaluation shall be an ongoing process designed to create positive and effective communication between the Associate Dean and his or her immediate supervisor.

  • Probationary Associate Deans-Performance Evaluation Reports submitted once a year prior to February 15, during the first two years.
  • Permanent Associate Deans-Performance Evaluation Reports submitted every two (2) years prior to February 15.
  • Restricted Status Associate Deans-Performance Evaluation Reports submitted prior to February 15 during the first year and every two (2) years thereafter.

Evaluation Process

The performance evaluation process shall consist of the following:

  1. an annual work plan (Achievements/Goals and Objectives Statement) developed by the Associate Dean
  2. a performance evaluation made by the immediate supervisor
  3. a self evaluation, and
  4. An assessment and planning conference with the supervisor. The Associate Dean may request that a peer participate in all aspects of the evaluation process.

Responsibilities of Parties to Evaluation

  1. At the beginning of each fall semester, the Assistant Chancellor - Administrative Services will send a seniority list to each College/Center. This list will identify Associate Deans for scheduled performance evaluations.
  2. Immediate Supervisor-Responsibilities are as follows:
    1. Assist the Associate Dean in the development of an annual work plan.
    2. Receives and reviews the self-evaluation submitted by the Associate Dean.
    3. Schedules and conducts the appraisal conference including the Associate Dean and peer if requested.
    4. On or before February 15, submits a report to the President which includes all instruments used to determine performance. In the case of a recommendation other than retention, follow the procedures outlined in the Associate Dean's Handbook.
    5. Forward original copy of performance evaluation to Human Resources for inclusion in the official personnel file.
  3. Associate Dean being evaluated-is responsible for his/her own self- evaluation and an "annual work plan" to be developed in partnership with the immediate supervisor. May, at his/her discretion, submit his/her own written reactions to the performance evaluation report which will be made part of the evaluation file. May initiate grievance if, in the Associate Dean's opinion the evaluation was not carried out in accordance with this procedure or the provisions of the Associate Dean's Handbook.

Forms Required

  1. Performance Evaluation Form 4300.4 SD-AD-100
  2. Self Evaluation Form 4300.4 SD-AD-101
  3. Annual Work Plan 4300.4 SD-AD-102