Direct Deposit


To outline the procedure for implementation of electronic transfer (direct deposit) of employee earnings.


  1. Any employee who has an open account with a financial institution may sign an authorization to have earnings deposited directly.
  2. All warrants issued to an employee (i.e. overload, summer session, etc.) will be on direct deposit.
  3. The authorization will remain in full force and effect until revoked by written notice or upon termination of the employee.


  1. Employee must complete an electronic deposit authorization form (attachment A) and submit along with a voided check (attachment B) or deposit slip (attachment C) to payroll by the first working day of the month. Forms are available in the site Business Office or from Payroll.
  2. All forms submitted by the first working day of the month will be processed for implementation beginning with the pay for that month.
  3. The first month of authorization the employee will be on "prenote" notice to the financial institution of the intent to initiate electronic deposit.
  4. The first direct deposit will be the second pay date after the authorization is in effect.

Change Requirements

  1. Each time there is a change made, it will require at least two (2) payroll periods to reinstate direct deposit.
  2. Employee is responsible for notice to Payroll immediately upon closing an account used for direct deposit. The cancellation form (attachment D) should be used for this purpose.
  3. Should the institution charge because of unsuccessful transmission of data, due to a closed account, employee will be held responsible for the charges.
  4. The electronic deposit authorization form signed by the employee gives the District authority to initiate deposits (credits) and/or corrections to the previous credits.
  5. Any corrections to the previous credits will be made in the next payroll and reflected in the next direct deposit.


San Diego Community College District 

I hereby authorize the San Diego Community College District to initiate deposits (credits) and/or corrections to the previous credits to the financial institution indicated. The financial institution is authorized to credit and/or correct the amounts to my account. This authority is to remain in full force and effect until either I revoke it by giving written notice to the San Diego Community College District, or upon termination of my employment with such employer.
Name (Please Print)
Social Security Number
Checking/Share draft 
Savings Financial Institution (Bank, Savings and Loan, Credit Union)
City State/Zip
Account Number

IMPORTANT: For deposits to a checking or share draft account, please attach a voided check to this form.