Use of Sick Leave due to Pregnancy

In accordance with the definitions in the bargaining agreement/handbook, the following deadline should be applied when using sick leave for pregnancy:

1.0 Accrued full and half-salary sick leave may be used for pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical condition, not to exceed a total of six weeks for normal pregnancy, beginning with the date of the physician's certification of inability to perform regular duties, and continuing as long as a physician's certification indicates disablement. A normal pregnancy presupposes the birth of a live infant without abnormal complications as specified in number two below.

2.0 Further accrued full and half-salary sick leave may be utilized upon a physician's certification that the employee is disabled because of an abnormal and involuntary complication of pregnancy.

3.0 Accrued full and half-salary sick leave may be used upon a physician's certification that a condition possibly arising out of pregnancy would disable the employee without regard to the pregnancy.

4.0 Certification

4.1 An employee desiring to utilize sick leave must complete sick leave cards for each timesheet reporting period (16th of current month through 15th of following month) and have physician's certification as defined in each agreement/handbook.

4.2 The agreements/handbooks also provide for long-term unpaid leave over 30 days for pregnancy, health, or personal reasons should an employee desire not to utilize sick leave. Refer to the specific agreement/handbook for eligibility and return rights.

5.0 Forms utilized:

Application for Sick Leave Benefits Care


Request for Long-Term Leave of Absence