Jury Duty Leave


To outline the law and procedures to follow when an employee is required to report for jury duty.


  1. Any monthly employee called for jury duty will be granted paid leave for any days actually served and will be permitted to keep any stipends received.
  2. In the classified service, only monthly employees are eligible to receive pay while on jury duty. Academic adjunct faculty are also eligible for pay while on jury service.


  1. It is unlawful to encourage, solicit, or suggest that an employee seek exemption from jury duty. It is, however, lawful to discuss with an employee the possibility of postponement. The Jury Commissioner is empowered to grant excuses from jury service in cases of undue hardship on either the person or the public served by the person.
  2. Employees are expected to return to work when they serve only a partial day on jury duty. As a general guideline, an employee may be excused from work for the day if the actual time of jury service equals or exceeds three-fourths of the hours in the employee's normal workday.
  3. Employees on jury duty who are placed on telephone standby should report to work during those days.


  1. Employee Action Upon Receipt of Jury Summons. The employee:
    1. Notifies immediate supervisor.
    2. Responds as directed by agency issuing jury summons. Exemption or postponement, if desired, should be requested according to the requirements of the agency issuing jury summons
    3. If necessary, employee may be excused for a period of not more than two (2) hours personal business to respond to initial summons.
  2. Supervisor Action Upon Receipt of a Jury Summons from Employee
    1. May discuss the practicality of seeking a postponement when acceptance would disrupt District operations.
    2. Signs Request for Short-Term Leave form which is given to site timekeepers for inclusion with timesheets.
  3. Employee Action Upon Receipt of Order to Report. The employee:
    1. Completes Request for Short Term Leave by checking jury duty; attaches official jury summons; submits to timekeeper.
    2. At the end of each time reporting period or at the end of duty submits properly executed jury attendance certification to timekeeper. Failure to do so may result in delay of pay warrant.
    3. If released from jury duty after a partial day of service, returns to work if required. (SeeGeneral, #2)

Forms and Auxiliary References

  1. Certification of Jury Service (Federal) or Attendance Certification (State).
  2. Request for Short Term Leave
  3. Collective Bargaining Agreements