Personnel Assignment Status Sheet (PASS)


This form will be completed initially by the site when a new employee is appointed -- whether academic non-academic, contract, hourly, college or adult. Links to the required forms are at the bottom of the page.

The sections to be completed by the site are as follows:

  1. Employee name and address
  2. Social security number
  3. Telephone number
  4. Employee work location
  5. Employee category/bargaining. unit
  6. Classification title
  7. Timekeeping location
  8. Assign. ID - use job code (one letter abbreviation)
  9. Assign Begin Date and
  10. Assign End Date
    Fiscal year boundaries for contract employees = July 1, to June 30 and hourly employees, actual dates of assignment within the fiscal year boundaries.
  11. Event Codes
    A = Appointment
  12. Position Number
  13. FTE
    Equivalent of a full-time assignment .50, .75, 1.00, etc. A guideline is provided to determine FTE of academic hourly assignments
  14. Assigned Hours
    Contract employees - per month
    Classified hourly - average per week over the assignment
    Academic hourly - average per week over the assignment
  15. Course Master Number
    For academic instructors - hourly and monthly
  16. Student Flag
    Coded as to type of student
  17. Course Number and Subject (Also to be used for remarks)
    Hours and days of assignment
    Former incumbent, if monthly assignment
    Course title (for credential check)
    Fee or non-fee course
    Long term sub
    Shift and hours
  18. Termination of assignment
    Use job code and number
    List end date of assignment
    Show stop event code and reason

Changes to Assignments

When it becomes necessary for the site to notify Human Resources of any changes to the assignment, the site should "pencil in" only the changes underneath the printed information, route for signatures, retain appropriate copies, and send first two copies to Human Resources. Each site, in turn, will receive a new PASS turnaround.

Authorized Signatures

After completing the above information, route through manager/supervisor; retain department copy. Route through site Business Office for signature, who will retain a copy and forward the top two copies to Human Resources. Human Resources forwards green copy to Business Services for expense distribution input.

A new four-part PASS turnaround will be sent to all the sites to which the employee is assigned, to show what transaction has taken place and to provide additional information.

Required Forms

Personnel Action Sheet (PAS) NANCE
Personnel Assignment Status Sheet (PASS) Adjunct Employee
Personnel Assignment Status Sheet (PASS) Contract Employee