Tuberculosis Examination


To provide implementation for tuberculosis examinations required by Education Code.


  1. Each employee, upon initial employment and each four years thereafter, shall file a certificate, signed by a physician/surgeon licensed in California, showing that he/she is free from tuberculosis. For initial employment, certificate may be one issued within 60 days prior to employment.
  2. Examination shall consist of an X-ray of the lungs; or an approved intradermal tuberculin test which, if positive, shall be followed by an X-ray of the lungs.


  1. New employees shall be given the appropriate form provided by the District, by the site Manager/Supervisor or Human Resources upon initial employment. Employee shall submit to an approved skin test or X-ray and have card authorized by California licensed physician. New employees may submit verification from a former school district where previously employed or a certificate issued by a California-licensed physician issued within 60 days of employment.
  2. Each four years continuing employees shall file a certificate signed by a physician/surgeon licensed in California, showing freedom from tuberculosis. Those employees who have a positive skin test followed by a negative X-ray will be exempt from further examination.


  1. Human Resources, Centers for Education & Technology, or Colleges, as appropriate, will provide each new hourly and monthly employee with appropriate form.
    1. Input certificate data into computer.
  2. New Employees submit to examination at their own expense, or produce appropriate certificate issued within 60 days prior to employment; or provide a certificate from another public school district issued within the past four years.
    1. File certificate form with Human Resources within 30 days of employment.

Human Resources

  1. Produces a "Notice to Employee" two months prior to expiration date and sends to employee at home address of record.
  2. Continuing Employees take both copies of the preprinted form to San Diego County Department of Public Health and submit to skin test or X-ray. Employees may also go to any California licensed physician of their choice. However, the District will pay only for those performed at the Department of Public Health.
    1. File completed certificate with Human Resources.
  3. Human Resources inputs certificate data into computer.

Required Forms: Certificate of Tuberculosis Examination

For information, call Human Resources/Payroll, San Diego Community College District, 619-388-6582