Time Reporting Responsibility


Each timekeeping location manager shall determine that the method of distribution and collection of timecards and timesheet assures that the confidentiality of the data is maintained and not compromised by improper or illegal procedures.

  1. Employees are not to sign blank or incomplete timecards. They are to be signed only after the work has been completed.
  2. Hourly employees are not authorized to complete timesheets or PASS forms.
  3. Only the employee named on the timecard is authorized to sign in the employee space. Any other signature is illegal.


Occasionally errors are made on timecards. An acceptable method of correction must be made.

  1. Any correction made on the card must be initialed by the employee.
  2. Duplicate cards may not be completed by timekeepers and stapled to the original to correct errors. The cards with errors must be corrected and initialed by the employee.
  3. A form, "Monthly Time Sheet Correction Request" is available from Human Resources. (See Exhibit PA 6080-1)


Each fiscal year the chancellor, presidents and directors shall certify to Human Resources, on forms provided, the names of those persons who are authorized to complete PASS and certify timesheets and timecards for payment within their area of responsibility.

Required forms: Monthly Time Sheet Correction Request