Sick Leave Usage

Sick Leave Card

All requests for sick leave shall be in writing, upon the appropriate form (sample attached), and shall be filed with the immediate supervisor for each separate pay reporting period.

For determination as to whether or not a physician's signature on the sick leave card and prognosis for return to work is required, refer to the appropriate employee agreement/handbook. When a physician's prognosis for return to work is required, the "Physician's Certification and Prognosis for Return to Work" form (Exhibit B) shall be attached to the "Sick Leave Benefits Application" card.

Prior to returning from leaves of thirty (30) or more calendar days, employees must provide a written clearance from the attending physician indicating recovery and fitness to resume a full range of normal duties as determined by the District. "Physician's Approval To Resume Normal Duties" form should be used for this purpose. Most employee agreement/handbooks require submission of these forms three (3) working days prior to returning to work. Forms may be obtained from the Human Resources, Campus Business offices, or Adult Center offices.

Illness After Reporting to Work

When an employee becomes ill after reporting to work, refer to specific employee agreement/handbook to determine whether a full or half-day sick leave is to be charged.

Minimum Time Period for Sick Leave

The minimum time period for which sick leave may be submitted shall be in 1/4-hour increments (15 minutes).

Timesheet Entry

Once the sick leave card has been completed and signed by the employee and supervisor/manager, it should be forwarded immediately to the timekeeper. The timekeeper should enter the hours on the timesheet under the appropriate earnings code. Sick leave taken in 1/4-hour increments (15 minutes) shall be entered as .25 on the timesheets.

Required Forms:

Sick Leave Benefits Application
Physician's Certification and Prognosis for Return to Work