Pay Warrant Distribution

Monthly Pay Warrants

  1. Monthly Pay Warrants, usually paid on the last working day of each month, shall be packaged and distributed to each major timekeeping location by the Payroll Office, with a register of all warrants included.
  2. The designated offices at each location shall designate one office and one individual to distribute pay warrants.
  3. Employees shall be required to personally pick up their own warrant. If any person other than the employee presents themselves to pick up a warrant, the individual must present a signed authorization from the employee designating who is authorized to receive their warrant. Employees or their designees shall sign for receipt of the warrant.
  4. Any pay warrant which is not picked up shall be locked in a safe at the close of the work day. If still not picked up after two (2) working days, warrants shall be returned to the Payroll Managers Office in a sealed envelope.

Hourly Pay Warrants

Hourly pay warrants, those issued on the 10th of each month, shall be mailed by the Payroll Office on pay day to the home address of record. Should the 10th fall on a weekend or holiday, the pay warrant will be mailed the last working day prior to the weekend or holiday.

Supplemental Payrolls

All pay warrants on supplemental payrolls, those issued between the 18th and 21st of the month shall be mailed to the home address of record.