Confidentiality of Employee Files


For purposes of confidentiality, personnel files of all District managers and those of the staff of Human Resources are retained and maintained in the office of the Payroll and Benefits Manager. Any information contained within these files is strictly confidential.  This instruction defines the process for access.

To Obtain Information

  1. Anyone within the Department who has a need to see information contained in the files must see either the Payroll & Benefits Manager, the Administrative Technician, the Senior Payroll Technician or the Payroll Supervisor.
  2. The folder will be removed by either of the above and checked out to the person.
  3. The folder must be returned to either of the above to be refiled.

To Insert Information

  1. Information to be inserted in the folder should be given to the Administrative Technician for filing.
  2. If it becomes necessary to leave papers for filing, protect the confidentiality of the information by enclosing or covering them.

File Maintenance

  1. The Administrative Technician will be responsible for removing the folder from the confidential file of any employee who separates from the department or any manager who separates from the District or is no longer in management.
  2. All folders removed from the confidential file will be returned to the regular personnel file.