Classified Substitute Reporting


For the purpose of time reporting, classified employees have been divided into two categories:

  1. Long Term Classified Hourly Employee
    An employee who is hired at specific timekeeping locations for long-term assignments, usually of one month or more.
  2. Substitute Classified Hourly Employee
    An employee who is hired for the hourly pool and used throughout the fiscal year at various locations for short-term assignments. Employee will be assigned to the Hourly Pool Timekeeping Location 900.

Time Reporting

The time reporting for the long term classified hourly employee will remain the same as it has been since July 1, 1979.

  1. The PASS sheet is to be prepared by the site and submitted through proper channels to Human Resources. This site is responsible for the completion and submission of the necessary paperwork by the employee to Human Resources.
  2. The employee's name and information will be preprinted on all timesheets during the duration of the assignment, and preprinted time reports will be provided. (Note: For the first month, the time report and time recap may have to be handwritten by the timekeeper.)
  3. Time reports are to be completed and signed by the employees. The total hours shall be entered on the time recap by the timekeeper. The time recap is signed by the timekeeper and manager and submitted to Human Resources with the time reports by the due date.

    NOTE: Hours reported by the employee should be checked against hours authorized. Any discrepancies should be cleared up on both the time report and time recap.

The time reporting for the substitute classified employee will be as follows:

  1. The site will notify Human Resources of the need for a temporary hourly on a "substitute" basis. The use of a "substitute" does not have to be limited to replacing a current employee. Substitutes may be used for overload, extra assignments, short-term projects, etc. that usually will not exceed a 30-day period.
  2. Human Resources will assign an employee currently on the "substitute" list and will notify the site of the name and social security number of the employee being assigned.
  3. Human Resources will prepare any necessary PASS sheet and will see that all necessary paperwork is completed and submitted by the employee.
  4. The timekeeper/supervisor will give the substitute a special "Classified Substitute Hourly Time Report" card (blue) which has been prepared by the timekeeper with the name, social security number, classification title, assignment ID, location number and location name.
  5. The substitute employee will enter the dates worked, the time category (regular hours or shift hours or both), and the total hours for that date. After the report is completed by the employee, he/she will submit it to the timekeeper/supervisor.
  6. The timekeeper/supervisor will enter the expense distribution and percent and submit to the manager/supervisor for signature. Note: Hours reported by the employee should be checked against hours authorized. Any discrepancies should be cleared up on both the time report and time recap.
  7. The timekeeper will enter the employee's name, classification title, time category, and total hours into a Classified Substitute Hourly Recap sheet and submit to Human Resources with the substitute time report by the due date.

Shift Eligibility

Shift eligibility can only be verified by the supervisor at the site. Therefore, the site must complete a PASS sheet authorizing shift differential for any qualifying employee, whether substitute or long term.

Expense Distribution

Since there is no uniform labor account for employees in the hourly pool, it is imperative that the expense distribution be entered on the Classified Substitute Time Report.


Questions regarding information on class title, Assignment ID, and paperwork should be directed to the Employment Office, 619-388-6579. Questions regarding pay problems should be directed to the Payroll Office, 619-388-6582.