Credential Services


The District Human Resources office provides a credential application service for employees. Whenever an applicant becomes an employee and needs a California credential, the employee should be referred to the credential office for service.


Substitute Instructors

If the services of a substitute instructor are needed and the instructor needs a California credential, the instructor should be referred to the credential office. Instructors must bring completed fingerprint cards, the Tentative Offer of Assignment, and be prepared to write a check for fingerprint processing plus the proper credential fee. The Tentative Offer of Assignment must carry the exact class title and the effective date of employment. When PASS sheet is submitted it must carry the same effective date and the same course title. The credential office will issue Employment Credential Authorization effective the date the instructor appears in Personnel. All pay for hours worked without the proper clearance will be withheld until cleared from Sacramento.


Vocational Instruction

All persons to be employed as Vocational Education instructors, (both College and Centers for Education & Technology) must have their work experience and/or education certified by the appropriate vocational coordinator. Recommending authorities should arrange for an appointment for the instructor with the coordinator so as to assure that the coordinator and the credential staff will be available.


Instructing In A Minor Subject Matter

  1. Credential Technician notifies employing dean or coordinator of need to review and evaluate transcripts.
  2. Dean or coordinator signs Minor Credential Certification form after reviewing Personnel file. (Exhibit PA-6210)
  3. Credential Technician refers information to Assistant Chancellor - Human Resources for Board Approval.


Credential Office Hours

The credential office will be open each Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., and each Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to noon. Recommending authorities are requested to refer employees who lack a credential to complete applications in the District office during these hours. Emergencies will be handled as appropriate. Questions should be directed to 619-388-6579.


Processing Procedures

  1. Upon receipt of the application, the completed fingerprint card and the required fee, the district will initiate a temporary certificate, valid for 120 days after the first day of instruction.
  2. If the application is complete, the district will forward the packet to Sacramento for processing. It is expected that a credential will be issued within 14-16 weeks.

    A completed packet will contain the following:

    1. Completed application form CA-1.
    2. Fingerprint card.
    3. Appropriate fees.
    4. Applicable forms for specific credentials
      1. Occupational experience verification letters
      2. Official transcripts
      3. Verification of required coursework
      4. CR-2 Certificate of Qualifications for Adult Classes
      5. CR-3 Limited Service Credential
      6. CP-1 Statement of Need for Provisional Credential
      7. CP-la Statement of Need for Designated Provisional Credential
      8. CEM-1 Eminence Credential
    5. Transmittal Form X200.


  3. If the application is not complete, lacking transcripts or work experience verification letters, for example, the district will hold the application for 30 days or until it is complete whichever comes first, before sending to Sacramento. If it is forwarded incomplete, a considerable delay can be expected. The applicant is urged to provide necessary verification within the 30-day period. Failure to have a valid credential after the expiration of the 120 day temporary credential will result in the cancellation of the teaching assignment.



Those applicants who do not have a specific assignment should be referred to either of the following:

San Diego County Office of Education
6401 Linda Vista Road
San Diego CA 92111
(858) 292-3581

Chancellor´s Office, California Community Colleges
Human Resources Division
1102 Q Street, 3rd floor
Sacramento, CA 95814-6511
(916) 327-6227

Forms Required: Folder/Transcript Review for Certification on Minor Certification, Form PA-6210(7/85)