Time-Reporting - Adult Fixed-Term Hourly Assignments

Fixed-Term Assignments

  1. Site deans shall offer fixed-term assignments to adjunct adult faculty on a semester basis in accordance with the bargaining agreement.
  2. For each individual who is given a fixed-term assignment, the dean shall forward to the instructor and the timekeeper a copy of the fixed-term agreement and a copy of the Tentative Instructor Assignment Offer form.

Pass Sheet

  1. Timekeeper shall complete the PASS in the normal manner using detail from the Assignment Offer form, indicating in red under the remarks column, "Fixed-Term Hourly Assignment."
  2. Under the earnings code, in red, write in "05."

Time Cards

  1. Earnings code is "05."
  2. The timekeeper will place the number of hours on the timecard each month in accordance with Exhibit PA6220-1 (Continuing Ed).
  3. Instructors need not sign the timecards as the assignment is fixed or set for the semester.

Reporting Sick Leave

  1. If the instructor is ill, the sick leave application card should reflect the actual number of hours of sick leave used. The timecard must reflect the total number of hours of sick leave used under the proper sick leave code of "HS" and the earnings code "05" must reflect a total which is the regular hours less the sick leave hours, the aggregate total shall not exceed the total number of hours regularly reported on the fixed-term assignment.

    Example: A 9-hour a week instructor, with 31.5 hours reported each month, files a sick leave card for 6-hours of sick leave. The timecard will have 25.5 hours reported under the earnings code "05" and 6-hours under sick leave code "HS" for a total of 31.5 hours.

  2. If the instructor is absent for the total month and the sick leave hours exceed the total regularly reported, the hours in excess of the aggregate total shall be reported as a minus hours under the earnings code"05" and the total number of sick leave hours used.

    Example: The same instructor as illustrated before with a 9-hour a week assignment is ill for a total of 36-hours in one month. Report 36-hours under the sick leave earnings code "HS" and 4.5 negative hours under the regular earnings code "05," i.e., <4.5> for a total of 31.5-hours.