How do I get additional Kaiser or replacement ID cards?


  • Visit https://kp.org
  • Click "Sign In" to enter your username and password

  • Click "Member Information"
  • On the "Benefits pop-up window," click "View Plan and ID"
  • You can then print your member information

Don't have a username and password yet?

  • Click "Register"
  • Click "Create my account"
  • Enter your name and birth date

Mobile device:

  • Download the Kaiser Permanente app
  • Click "Sign In" to enter your username and password
  • From your dashboard, click the card icon (top right screen) to veiw your Member ID
  • Use the mobile app to show your Member ID at your pharmacy or doctor's office
    • You can also add the Member ID to your Apple/Google Wallet
    • Quickly save your new Kaiser Member ID card in the MyVEBA app for easy, on-the-go use

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your Medical Record Number (MRN) - which identifies your medical records and membership information - is listed on your Kaiser member ID. If you do not have your MRN yet, you may be able to create a new online account. If you need to access before you receive your ID card, you must provide the group number and effective date of coverage at your appointment.

Questions or trouble accessing your account? Call Kaiser Permanente Member Services: 800-464-4000


What information can I access if I register on the Kaiser Permanente website?

Once you register on Kaiser, you have access to many online health programs and tools. You will be able to:

  • My doctor – E-mail your doctor, get information about health practitioners, select your personal physician, and choose to act for a family member.
  • My medical record - See test results, immunizations, choose to act for a family member, and more.
  • Pharmacy center - Order prescription refills online or check the status of a prescription refill for yourself or another member. Review a list of covered drugs.
  • Appointment center – Schedule, cancel, or view upcoming appointments and past visit information.
  • Manage my health plan – Get information about your plan, download forms, and more.
  • My message center – Exchange secure e-mail with your doctor's office, Member Services, and our Web manager.

Do I receive a prescription card to access prescriptions at the Kaiser pharmacy?

No. You will receive one Kaiser card for each member enrolled in your plan to access both your office visits and prescriptions within a Kaiser facility.

What happens when I visit a Kaiser Emergency Room?

If you visit a Kaiser Emergency Room which is not considered "Life or Limb" and you are treated and released you will be responsible for a $50 co-payment for services. However, if you were treated at a Kaiser Emergency Room and you were admitted your $50 co-payment is waived.

My dependent is attending College outside of the California area. What services does my dependent have?

The San Diego Community College District Kaiser Permanente plan is a California only area plan. Your dependent that is enrolled in your Kaiser Permanente plan will only be covered for emergency services only while attending college outside of the California area.

What happens if I need care while traveling?

You can contact the Human Resources office at 619-388-6857 to receive a Travel Kit. This kit will tell you how to get care, what kind of care is covered, and what to do if you're admitted to a non-Kaiser facility. You may also contact Member Services (800-464-4000) to order a Travel Kit. Please order this kit at least two weeks before you travel to ensure you receive it in time.

If it's not an emergency and you need care while traveling, call Member Services at the number on your identification card. Member Services can refer you to an in network provider (if available).

In a true emergency, get the care you need as quickly as you can. If you are able, contact Member Services at the number on your identification card, even in an emergency. However, even if you are unable to contact Member Services, get the care you need. Even if you need to go out of network, your plan will cover emergency care at in network benefit levels as long as you follow the plan rules.