adjunct faculty

When an adjunct faculty member, enrolled in health coverage(s) with the District, decides to stop teaching or just substitute, he/she should complete a Retirement Resignation Separation Notice. Upon submission of this notice he/she will be sent an 18-month COBRA notification and a notification of AB528 medical and/or dental coverage if eligible. The adjunct faculty member can continue his/her coverage under either option at his/her own expense. If the individual elects to continue under the AB528 medical and/or dental option, there is a $7.00 per month administrative fee for medical and a $1.00 per month administrative fee for dental added to the monthly premium.

AB528 medical/dental coverage is for the retiree only, retiree and spouse, or surviving spouse only. No dependents or domestic partners can be covered under the AB528 option. Only STRS members are eligible for AB528 medical/dental coverage.

If the retired adjunct decides to enroll in AB528 medical and/or dental coverage, the monthly payment is due by the 5th of the month. There are two payment options: electronic withdrawal or check made payable to SDCCD and mailed to the Benefits Office.

An adjunct faculty member cannot go from COBRA coverage to retiree coverage or vice versa.

A retired adjunct faculty member enrolled in the District's retiree benefits and continuing to teach cannot return to active employee benefits.

Adjuncts enrolled in District benefits and the FBC 3121 part-time employee retirement alternative plan are not eligible for AB528 medical/dental coverage at retirement. These adjuncts will receive an 18-month COBRA notification when he/she resigns or retires.