Contract Employees

An employee must qualify for a service retirement from their respective retirement system; STRS (State Teachers' Retirement System) or PERS (Public Employees' Retirement System). An employee must be at least 55 years old and vested to be eligible for a service retirement from STRS and at least 50 years old and vested to be eligible for a service retirement from PERS. An employee cannot retire from the District on disability and buy into retiree benefits.

Please click on your Collective Bargaining Agreement link to see what you qualify for.

Collective Bargaining Agreement Link Section
AFT-Guild, Local 1931 - Faculty ARTICLE X - 10.2.3
AFT-Guild, Local 1931 - Classified Staff ARTICLE VII – 7.3
POA - Police Officers Association ARTICLE XI – 11.2
ACE - Confidential Unit Employees ARTICLE XV – 15.3
Supervisory & Professional Administrators Association (SPAA) ARTICLE XV - 15.8
Management Unit Employees CHAPTER XIII – C


When an employee retirees and elects continuation coverage under the retiree medical plan, he/she must go into the medical plan that he/she was enrolled in as an active employee. The exception is if the employee is over 65 and has Medicare. In this instance the individual would enroll in the respective plan that coincides with their current active plan.

For example, if the employee is enrolled in Kaiser, they would enroll in Kaiser Sr. Advantage. If the employee is in UnitedHealthcare, the employee would enroll in Sr. Supplement or Medicare Advantage. The remaining family member(s) would continue in the respective plan they were in before retirement (UnitedHealthcare HMO/PPO). Individuals over 65 who do not have Medicare would remain in the regular plan but at a higher premium rate.

Open Enrollment for retirees occurs in November each year as it does for active employees. Retirees may change medical plans at this time to be effective in January of the following year.

Any retiree who decides to drop all of their health coverage(s) with the District and go elsewhere for coverage is not allowed to return to the District's retiree health coverage at a future date. If the retiree has medical and dental and decides to drop medical but keep dental coverage with the District, he/she cannot re-enter medical coverage at a later date.

Steps To Retiring