turning 65


As long as an active employee and his/her spouse, if any, is covered by an active medical plan, neither needs to apply for Medicare Part B until the employee decides to retire, resign or terminates his/her employment. Medicare Part B must be in place the first of the month following the employee's retirement, resignation or termination. Approximately two months prior to the individual turning 65 a letter and TEFRA rules will be mailed out to the employee or spouse. The form must be completed and returned to the Benefits Office.


Two to three months prior to the retiree or spouse of a retiree turning 65, a letter will be mailed out outlining their options. The person turning 65 must apply for Medicare Part B. Medicare Part B will be effective the 1st day of the month in which they turn 65. A summary of the senior plan and a rate sheet will be included in the letter.

If the retiree/spouse is on Kaiser, they will be mailed a Sr. Advantage form. If there is one over 65 and one under 65, the one over will go into the Sr. Advantage plan and the one under will stay in the current plan.

If the retiree/spouse is on the UnitedHealthcare PPO/HMO plan, the person turning 65 will have a choice to go onto the Sr. Supplement plan or Medicare Advantage plan. If there is one over 65 and one under 65, the one over will go into the senior plan and the one under will stay on their current plan.

Once the retiree/spouse turns 65, the rates will change for the plan, and if you wish to continue medical benefits, the retiree will be responsible for paying out of pocket.

If the retiree is turning 65, and has a spouse and/or dependent children on his/her coverage and does not wish to continue health coverage with the District, then the spouse and/or dependents will be sent a 36 month COBRA notification.