Employee Relations

Employee Relations

The Employee Relations Team works with all staff, at all levels throughout the organization, assisting with collective bargaining issues and supporting performance management. The team represents the District in the collective bargaining process with employee bargaining units and unrepresented meet and confer groups. The Employee Relations Team assists administrators, managers, and supervisors with interpreting the employee handbooks and contracts, proactively educates administrative staff about all aspects of employment related contract compliance, and manages employee appeals to discipline. The Employee Relations Team implements and manages position classification, which is to maintain and administer fair and objective system(s) for classifying jobs in a manner that provides a sound foundation for all aspects of human resource administration.



AFT Local 1931 Faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement 

Article 5.2.2 Priority of Assignment

City College

Continuing Education

Mesa College

Miramar College


FACULTY SERVICE AREA (FSA) Application window period

ANNUALLY FROM October 15 - November 15

Please email completed packets to Rachel Wilker at rwilker@sdccd.edu

Faculty Service Area (FSA) Application Process

Faculty Service Area (FSA) Application Form

California Education Code Section §87743.1 - §87743.5

AFT-SDCCD Faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article XXIII

Management Employees Handbook, Appendix I

District Procedure 4200.7 - Administrative Retreat Rights



Employee Relations contact information

Check here for current Office Hours

Phone: 619-388-6880

Fax: 619-388-6994


Rachel Wilker
Associate Vice Chancellor, Employee Relations, Acting
Human Resources Employee / Labor Relations
Phone: 619-388-6880
Email: rwilker@sdccd.edu

Jeffrey Lumban
Senior Classification Technician 
Classification / Position Management / Window Period Reviews
Phone: 619-388-6880
Email: jlumban@sdccd.edu

Jenelle Castillejos
Senior Human Resources Technician
Compensation Office
Phone: 619-388-6576
Email: jcastillejos@sdccd.edu

Diana Ha
Human Resources Technician 
Compensation Office 
Phone: 619-388-6576 
Email: dha@sdccd.edu 






Jhelen Ramirez
Senior Human Resources Technician
Professional Development 
Phone: 619-388-6373
Email: jramirez001@sdccd.edu

Labor Relations Analyst
Labor Relations / Performance Management
Phone: 619-388-6880

Zenaida Garcia
Labor Relations Analyst
Labor Relations / Performance Management
Phone: 619-388-6880
Email: zgarcia@sdccd.edu

Ruben Naungayan
Administrative Technician
Phone: 619-388-6579
Email: rnaungay@sdccd.edu