Accessibility Concepts

Start with the basics

The accessibility concepts will remain the same despite the application or program used to create your instructional materials. If you are new to learning about accessibility, please begin reviewing the following concept topics:


recorded Accessibility Workshops

To learn more about accessibility and how to apply these concepts to your online content. Here are a few recorded workshops with topics on Accessibility from the SDCCD Video Library.

 Accessibility: You Can Do It! - Donna Eyestone

Description: In this recorded workshop you will learn to leverage some of the most important and easy-to-use tools to make your online courses more accessible, and learn why these small changes can make a big difference to your students.

Accessibility in Canvas - Donna Eyestone

Description: In this workshop Donna Eyestone will be creating and designing Accessible Canvas pages by following the CVC-OEI Rubric and showcasing the best practices when building online course content.

Accessibility in Online Math - Scott Fallstrom

Description: In this recorded workshop Scott Fallstrom will walk you through course accessibility for online math classes. Touching on topics like universal design and showcasing examples of how you can improve your online math courses.

DE and DSPS – Designing for Access - Poppy Fitch & Brian Weston

Description: Poppy Fitch, Director of Disability Support Programs and Services, and Brian Weston, Dean of Online and Distributed Learning, present important topics ranging from defining disabilities, regulations & laws, and technological services that can provide accessible content to students.

Testing Third Party Content for Accessibility - Jayme Johnson

Description: In this workshop we will explore the different standards for measuring accessibility and the various considerations we will use to evaluate third party content to provide an accessible and equitable experience for our students.