DSPS Accessibility Statement

accommodations for students

Accommodations are a means to provide students with disabilities access to the same educational opportunities available to other students. The obligation to provide accommodations for students with disabilities is not a new concept; publicly funded educational institutions are subject to these obligations under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Whether you have been aware of it or not, the Colleges within the San Diego Community College District have been providing accommodations for students with disabilities for decades. The San Diego Community College District has adopted procedures that are intended to provide for consistent and timely processing of requests for academic accommodations.

Of interest, in 2015-16, nineteen percent of undergraduates reported having a disability (U.S. Department of Education, 2021). Student characteristics such as veteran status, age, dependency status, and race/ethnicity influence the rates of disability. For example, veteran students reported having a disability at higher rates (26 percent), than non-veteran undergraduates with disability (19 percent). Older undergraduate students, those age 30 and over, reported having a disability (23 percent) at higher rates than among 15- to 23-year-olds (18 percent).

Not every student with a disability will be eligible for or need an accommodation. However, as more students with disabilities enroll in post-secondary education, the need for accommodations will increase.

U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics. (2021). Digest of Education Statistics, 2019 (2021-009), Chapter 3.


Accessibility of course material

Creating an inclusive environment online means ensuring that all students feel seen and validated. For this reason, DSPS recommends that instructors include a statement on their syllabi for students needing academic adjustments that speaks to students with disabilities. Direct and open communication is encouraged early in the academic accommodation process. A sample is provided for your convenience:

It is important to me that this course is accessible to all students, including students with disabilities. If you encounter a problem accessing anything in this course, please contact me immediately. Students with disabilities who have an accommodation letter should email me to request accommodation as soon as possible. Students with disabilities who have not yet made a request for accommodation are encouraged to contact the college’s Disabled Support Programs and Services (DSPS) office:

City College DSPS webpage: http://www.sdcity.edu/dsps/

Mesa College DSPS webpage: http://www.sdmesa.edu/dsps/

Miramar College DSPS webpage: http://www.sdmiramar.edu/campus/dsps

College of Continuing Education DSPS webpage: https://sdcce.edu/dsps