Hyperlinks Concept

Descriptive Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks that include link text that identifies the purpose or destination of the link can provide important clues that help website visitors choose which links to follow. Using appropriate link text helps website visitors scan for relevant information, identify outside resources, and choose which links are the most relevant for their needs. 

Guidelines for hyperlink text:

  • Identify the purpose or function of the hyperlink as part of the hyperlink name.
  • Be as descriptive as possible without being overly long - a screen reader user will have to listen to the whole link before moving to the next link on the list.
  • Integrate the link into your sentence - sighted users will see the link, and screen readers will hear the link.

Ask yourself when writing a link text, "Will the reader know where they are going just by the link text alone?"

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Inappropriate Link Text

For example:

  1. Click here to read the article.
  2. Read our academic integrity policy read link More Info
  3. Read Article 1 link (Read More) and Article 2 link (Read More)
  4. Learn more about color and accessibility here and here.

Appropriate Link Text

  1. Read about debunking the myth of voter fraud.
  2. Be sure to read our Academic Integrity Policy
  3. Read the following: Article 1: The Fall of Man and Article 2: The Rise of Man.
  4. Learn more about color accessibility in terms of contrast and color-coding.