Ergonomics is the applied science that deals with designing and arranging things so that people can use them easily and safely. In the work environment that means that the workstation should adjust to you rather than you adjusting to the workstation. Ergonomics is a partnership between you and your desk set up. The first step is to set up your desk to meet your particular needs, then secondly train yourself to use proper posture mechanics to maintain a good ergonomic work standard. You should be able to find various types of resources here that will help you to accomplish setting up your workstation to assist in being more productive while keeping you safe from injury.

We have partnered with ERGOhealthy to provide you with expert resource information on how to set up your workstation, how to properly sit at your desk while working, how to take microbreaks from tedious or repetitive tasks, and provide an Ergo Coach for specific or challenging issues. Please click on the link below to use this resource. 

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