Liability/District Property

Risk Management strives to reduce injury and illness, liability and district property losses to preserve and protect scarce District resources for instruction, student services, and support of the District's educational mission.

The District is a member of the Statewide Association of Community Colleges (SWACC), a joint powers authority made up of community colleges joined together for the purpose of pooling or self-funding property and liability coverage. SWACC provides excess coverage above the District's member retained limits (deductibles). SDCCD carries various types of insurance including high deductible coverage for property and liability claims. The high deductibles protect against catastrophic losses while leaving the District for in most instances effectively self-insured.

Contracts and Certificates of Insurance
Prior to using off-campus facilities for special events, classes and seminars, the owner of the facility often requests SDCCD to supply them with a certificate of insurance naming their organization or company as additional insured. The sponsoring department may obtain the certificate of insurance completing the following form and returning to Risk Management.

Public Use of District Property

Transportation of Students

Tort Claims against the District
Risk Management manages the District's property and casualty insurance program and responds to and handles notices of claims received by the District. For information about filing a tort claim against the district contact Risk Management.

Accidents Involving District Vehicles
For accidents involving District vehicles, complete the Automobile Loss Notice. Additionally, for accidents resulting in injury to the occupants of the District vehicle, complete the Injury and Illness and Investigation Report and contact Risk Management.