Work Orders / Site Improvement

Work orders can be initiated using the Work Order form for the entire San Diego Community College District.

Work orders can also be:


A work order number will immediately be provided for future reference in tracking of the job.  If you need assistance with log in, contact the Call Center for assistance

SITE IMPROVEMENT (FORMERLY) REQUEST FOR SERVICE PROCESS HAS NOT CHANGED OTHER THAN THE NAME.  For work to be performed as Site Improvements (Request for Service), a request must be submitted through the Administrative Services (campus business office).  For more information contact your site Administrative Services Office.

Work order requests should be submitted to FACILITIES SERVICES CALL CENTER

Set ups and On Campus minor repairs, Carpenters, Electricians, Plumbers, Welders, Equipment Repair, Heat, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Painters, Elevator Repair, Custodial, Landscape, Grounds, Locksmiths, and Vehicle Repair

Work order Service Level Agreement for completion of work order requests to Facilities Services Call Center

Priority Type Description
1 Emergency Immediate Dispatch safety, security risk or damage to property
2 Urgent Urgent Work Same Business Day SLA 4 Hour Response Equipment down that significantly impacts the ability to complete the districts mission but is not an imminent threat to health, safety or cause significant loss of / to property.
3 24 hr response Next business day response; (24 hours)
4 Routine Schedule communicated within 3 business days and completion within 30 days time
5 Project Project planned for scheduling with schedule communicated to customer within 2 weeks.

Questions relating to work order requests should be submitted to Facilities Services Call Center at 619-388-6422.