Firearms Training Unit

Chief Aguirre with three members of the Firearms training unit

  Rifle Training

The Mission of the San Diego Community College Police Department's Firearms Training Unit is to instruct and instill through professional training, proper techniques in combat firearms proficiency and safety with weapons used in the field of law enforcement. The Firearms Training Unit conducts training with the objective of making every officer safe in their handling of weapons on the range, on the street, and in their own homes.

The FTU will adequately equip and competently prepare police officers with firearms and non-lethal alternatives so they may successfully overcome a forcible encounter. All of the training delivered is designed to teach the officer to survive a deadly force encounter while simultaneously protecting the community and preserving citizens' civil rights. The FTU also handles training for other law enforcement agencies throughout the State of California in areas such as:

  • Basic Weapons Manipulation (to include immediate action and stoppage drills)
  • Basic Police Marksmanship
  • Advanced Police Marksmanship
  • Quarterly Officer Duty Weapon Qualification
  • Less-Lethal Shotgun Familiarization and Qualification
  • Low-Light / No-Light Tactical Shoot
  • Lateral Movement Drills
  • Transition Drills (Shotgun to Pistol)
  • Patrol Tactics
  • Active Shooter Response