Alarm Codes

Get A Key/Alarm Code (Faculty & Staff Only)

To obtain district keys for your classroom, office or other areas you must complete a key request form at your campus police office. The form must also be signed by your supervisor or dean and your department's administrator before the key will be issued. It generally takes 1 to 2 weeks for the key to be ready for you to pick up in person at your campus police office. Please be sure to bring a photo ID.

If you are being issued a key to an area that is equipped with a burglar alarm you are also required to have an alarm code for that area. The police office staff will request a code from our communications center via e-mail. If you already have a code for another area, you will receive an e-mail stating your existing code has been added to the new area. If you do not have any codes, you will receive your code by letter which you will pick up in person when you pick up your key.

Keys and alarm codes are assigned to individual persons. It is a violation of district policy to loan or transfer your keys or alarm codes to anyone including other district employees.


Employees are required to return keys upon separation from service, change of work assignment, when keys previously reported lost or stolen are found, or when access to the keyed area is no longer needed. Keys can be returned to any College Police office for return to the issuing campus.


An employee must complete a Lost/Stolen Key form when reporting lost or stolen keys. The employee obtains replacement keys by completing another key request form and obtaining the appropriate signatures again. No action need be taken in regard to the alarm code. Employees who subsequently find keys reported missing are required to return the keys to the College Police.