College 2 Career

College 2 Career

What is College 2 Career (c2c)?

C2C is a three-year program for students with intellectual disabilities or autism spectrum disorder who are currently receiving, or would like to receive, support from the California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR).

Why C2C?

Students with intellectual disabilities or autism spectrum disorder with postsecondary experiences are 26 times more likely to be successfully employed and earn 73 percent higher wages than their peers without postsecondary education. C2C works with students to identify employment goals (jobs) that align to their interests and match training options offered in the San Diego Community College District. These short-term goals should be achievable within the three years of program.

C2C Goals

  1. Support students in pursuing a training program and educational goal at the SDCCD colleges. 
  2. Facilitate student achievement of competitive integrated employment in the San Diego job market.

The C2C program provides a coordinated set of activities over a 3-year period to support student success in the college setting with the goal of a successful transition into independent competitive employment.


C2C assists students with identifying a short-term academic goal that will lead to entry level employment within the 3-years of program. In years one and two, educational coaches connect students to resources and social activities and support academic success. C2C students enroll in both for-credit and non-credit college classes aligned with their career goal.


C2C students enroll in career exploration classes in the first year of program. In year two, they engage in work experience and internships. In year three, students enjoy job placement which involves working with a vocational specialist and participating in weekly meetings to support the transition into competitive employment (including job search assistance, mock interviewing, resume writing, and more).


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