Referral and Selection

C2C Eligibility

selection PROCESS

Students or families interested in the C2C program should contact their San Diego Regional Center coordinator, Department of Rehabilitation counselor, or their DSPS counselor to begin the referral process.

C2C is a competitive application process. Admissions interviews are typically offered in the Fall semester and decisions are made early in the Spring semester with program participation beginning the following Fall semester. C2C admits approximately 15 students each year and all student selection decisions are final. C2C students must pursue a Plan of Services with the Department of Rehabilitation.


C2C services are most appropriate for students who have:

  • The motivation to attend college.
  • A desire to obtain permanent paid employment.
  • The ability to be independant on a college campus and comply with the SDCCD Code of Conduct.
  • A history of meeting the behavioral and attendance expectations of past employment, training, or educational programs.
  • Access transportation to and from SDCCD college campuses as well as potential work sites.
  • A commitment to an average of 15 hours per week for school-related activities such as coursework, homework, and support services with C2C program staff.


How it All Works: C2C Students & DOR Services (PDF)


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Rachel Martinez, C2C Coordinator | | (619) 388-6806