Advisory Committee

The San Diego Community College District (SDCCD) Disability Support Programs and Services (DSPS) Advisory Committee convenes annually to provide guidance and direction to the DSPS program and the colleges related to the needs of the community. The Advisory Committee is a mechanism to:

  • Improve communication with our community partners;
  • Solicit the confidence of the public;
  • Obtain valuable input on the programs and services available to students with disabilities;
  • Include the students’ voice in the process of maintaining a strong DSPS program.

We are grateful to our Advisory partners who participate based upon our shared goals of increasing pathways to employment for students and graduates with disabilities within the San Diego community.


Advisory Committee October 21, 2022 Recording And Slides



View our Presentation for the May 2021 Advisory Committee Meeting

Advisory COMMITTEE Members

From the Department of Rehabilitation

Leslie Baker, Office Supervisor, East County
Esther Bazalaki, Metropolitan Office Supervisor
Sabrina Castaneda, Sr Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor
Megan Contreras, Contract Administrator
Karina Cortez, Staff Services Manager
Angelica Diaz, DOS Manager
Bonnie Flohr, Sr. Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, East County
Scott Jaeger, San Marcos Office Supervisor
Fatima Larcome, Chula Vista Office Supervisor
Jeffrey Noyes
Leah Schicker, Sr Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

From the San Diego Brain Injury Foundation

Kurt Buske, Executive Director
Sandy Higgins

From San Diego area Organizations and Institutions

Kim Gibbens, San Diego Center for the Blind, CEO
John Filley, San Diego Regional Center
Mark Tucker, SDSU Coordinator, SDSU Rehab, Counseling Program
David Shon, Sharp
Rick Hayden, Spinal Network
Mary Ellen Stives, State Council on Dev. Disabilities
Joanna Boval, UCSD DSPS Director

From the San Diego Community College District

Poppy Fitch, Director, DSPS

Amertah Perman, Educational Services Dean, Career Education & Workforce Development

Kandice Brandt, Miramar College DSPS Coordinator

Erika Higginbotham, Mesa College DSPS Coordinator

Bree Kennedy, City College DSPS Coordinator

Katie Serbian, College of Continuing Education Acting Dean, DSPS & Student Affairs

Maureen Flores, DSPS Administrative Technician

Natacia Cordle, C2C Program Coordinator

Andrea Davila, C2C Educational Technician

Rachel Martinez, C2C Vocational Specialist

Daniel Nakaji, Interpreting Services Supervisor

Jamila DeCarli, WorkAbility III Program Coordinator

Stephanie Baldueza, WorkAbility III Program Vocational Specialist

Shawn Fiala WorkAbility III Vocational Specialist

Rusty Krumm  WorkAbility III Vocational Specialist

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