WorkAbility III

Established in 1989, WorkAbility III at the San Diego Community College District is a program dedicated to providing vocational services to students with disabilities. In partnership with the California Department of Rehabilitation, WorkAbility III is a part of a larger program established to assist students who are attending classes within specific California Community Colleges.

The San Diego Community College WorkAbility III program provides guidance to students and helps them acquire the tools necessary to obtain successful employment. Our goal is to teach students the skills that will help them develop meaningful careers throughout their lives.

To access WorkAbility III's services in the San Diego area, an individual must be a client of the Department of Rehabilitation and a student attending classes within the San Diego Community College District (SDCCD).

The San Diego Community College District includes the following campuses:

  • Colleges
    • City
    • Mesa
    • Miramar
  • Continuing Education
    • Cesar Chavez
    • Continuing Education @ Mesa
    • Continuing Education @ Miramar
    • Educational Cultural Complex (ECC)
    • Mid City
    • North City
    • West City