Student Voter Information (FAQs)

Am I eligible to vote in California?

  1. To register to vote in California, you must be:
    • A United States citizen and a resident of California
    • 18 years old or older on Election Day
    • Not currently in a state or federal prison for the conviction of a felony
    • Not currently found mentally incompetent to vote by a court

How can I register to Vote?

  1. You can register online at To register online, you will need
    the following information:
    • California driver’s license or California identification card number
    • Last four digits of your social security number
    • Date of birth
    • Visit register or update your information
    • Note: If you do not have a driver’s license or identification card, you can still register. You will need to verify your identity when voting for the first time

    To register by paper:
    • Visit your county elections office or library for paper voter registrations
    • Visit to find the contact information for your county elections official
    • Note: It is important that your voter registration application be filled out completely and be postmarked or hand-delivered to your county elections office at least 15 days before the election

What Address can I use to Register to Vote?

  1. • You can register to vote with your permanent home address or your campus address
    • You may not register to vote in two places during the same election cycle
    • A vote-by-mail ballot and Voter Information Guide will be mailed to the address you used to register

Attending School Out of State?

  1. • You may choose to register to vote using your home-away-from-home address you use while at school or your traditional home address
    • Choosing which address to use when you register to vote is a personal decision
    • You can only register in one state

Do I need Identification when I vote?

  1. • In most cases, a California voter is not required to show identification before casting a ballot
    • If you did not provide identification when you registered to vote, you may be asked to provide identification when you cast your ballot. Types of certified identification include:
    • Government issued photo identification card
    • Student identification card
    • A copy of a recent utility bill
    • The county voter information guide sent to you by your county elections office

What If English is not my Preferred Language?

  1. The Voter Information Guide is available in 10 languages on the SOS website:
    • English
    • Spanish
    • Chinese
    • Hindi
    • Japanese
    • Khmer
    • Korean
    • Tagalog
    • Thai
    • Vietnamese

    Note: You may also request language assistance at in-person voting locations.
    Visit for more information.

How can I vote by Mail?

  1. • California counties must start mailing ballots to active registered voters about 29 days before statewide election
    • Insert your completed ballot in the envelope provided, make sure you complete all required information on the envelope
    • You may return your completed ballot on or before Election Day by:
    • Mailing it to your county elections official
    • Returning it in person to any polling place within the state or the office of your county elections official
    • Dropping your ballot off at a drop-off location or into a ballot drop box within the state; or
    • Authorizing someone to return the ballot on your behalf

• Visit for more information

When and Where can I vote?

  1. Early in Person
    • Counties in California will be offering early in-person voting opportunities
    • to find your nearest polling location

    Early by Mail
    • Sign and mail your ballot as soon as you complete it
    • Completed vote-by-mail ballots must be postmarked on or before Election Day

    Secure Drop Box
    • The secure drop box shall be clearly and visibly marked as an “Official Ballot Drop Box” that shows language stating that tampering with the drop box is a felony

    Election Day
    • Polling locations will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Election Day
    • If you are in line by the closing time, then you have a right to vote

Where's my Ballot?

  1. Sign-up at to track if your ballot has been mailed, received,
    counted, or if there were any issues. You can choose to receive updates by:
    • Email
    • Text message (SMS)
    • Voice call

What is Redistricting and How does it affect you?

  1. Following the 2020 Census, updated information about California’s population was used
    to redraw county and electoral lines. These changes were made by the California Citizens
    Redistricting Commission. Visit for
    more information.

What is on my ballot?

  1. The 2024 General Election ballot will have the following contests:

    1. Federal
    • United States President
    • United States Senator (Full and Partial Term)
    • United States Representative

    2. State
    • State Senator
    • Member of the State Assembly

    3. Local
    • Local Candidates Check with your county for more information regarding local contests
    • Local Measures


Report any issues you encounter while voting to the California Statewide Voter Hotline at
(800) 345-VOTE (8683). Visit for more information and additional languages.