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Faculty online forms now live

Faculty can now submit forms online through our mySDCCD Support Desk.  For more information please visit: Faculty Forms

You can also watch these instructional videos:


Faculty training

Prior to the launch of the new faculty portal on mySDCCD, the district will distribute instructional guides and videos to all faculty that will be teaching in the Summer 2019 semester.  We will be providing hands-on training for all faculty in mid-May and again during flex week.  Please stay tuned as we will be publishing those training dates soon.

Please note that Vice Presidents of Instruction, Deans and Department Chairs will have hands-on training starting in March.  Please refer to the training website for more information.

Faculty Portal go live - March 12, 2019

On March 12th, 2019 the new Faculty Portal will launch that will provide Faculty with the ability to accept their tentative assignment offers (TAO) for the Summer 2019 semester electronically.  As we approach the date we will be providing instructional videos and training opportunities.  Please stay tuned.

Faculty Assignments

Did you know with mySDCCD, faculty no longer have to fill out paper assignment offers (TAO)? Starting mid-October, faculty will have access to the faculty portal in mySDCCD and will be able to login, view and electronically accept/decline their tentative assignment offers for Summer 2019.

Miss our flex presentation?

Miss one of our flex presentations on campus during Fall 2017 flex? Don't worry! Thanks to Mesa college we have a recording of the flex presentation that provides faculty with a sneak peek at the new faculty portal. The presentation was conducted by Victor DeVore and Catrina Hixon from District Student Services. Please be on the lookout for more presentations coming soon to your campus.

Faculty and Campus solutions

As the release of Campus Solutions approaches completion, faculty will be provided with new tools to help manage key aspects of their classes. When Campus Solutions is released Summer 2019, faculty will access key information through a single point-of-entry portal called: mySDCCD, which replaces Faculty Web Services. With mySDCCD, faculty will have access to all of their class information, rosters, waitlists, grades, flex and employee information in one place.

Faculty Highlights

In mySDCCD, faculty will be able to:

  • Conduct classroom management in a responsive, modern looking user interface.
  • Have timely access to waitlists and access codes
  • Access important links such as Blackboard - Fall 2018 (Canvas implementation - Spring 2019), CurricuNet and forms
  • Access payroll and employee information
  • Mobile functionality

Sneak peek at Teal logo that reads My SDCCD

Effective Summer 2019, faculty will be managing their classes via mySDCCD. In consultation with college and CE faculty, District Student Services is creating a one-stop shop for faculty to access their rosters, submit grades and access their HR information.

Faculty involvement

The Student Services team has been working closely with Academic Senate representatives to incorporate guidance and input from the faculty perspective. Faculty colleagues have been participating in monthly meetings with key team members. Please stay tuned as we provide more information in the coming months.