Classification Descriptions

San Diego Community College District classification descriptions for active positions are available through the employee unit links in the menu on the left. Among other information, each description will indicate on the top of the first page the official title, employee unit, salary range, FLSA status, and last revision date.

See Category Definitions for the Physical Requirements

Under each of the employee unit links below you can see the list of classification descriptions. Clicking on the specific classification title link, the classification description will open in its entirety.

Classification descriptions are subject to revision, re-title, reclassification, range reallocation and elimination from current salary schedule lists. These files will be updated as changes occur. Revisions, edits, and updates to a classification description, as well as the addition of a new classification description may not be reflected immediately. Classification descriptions are updated and/or edited often. Please ensure you have the latest edition. Eliminated classifications are not included because they are no longer used.

If you do not see a specific classification description, it may be undergoing a revision, it may have been eliminated or moved to a different employee unit, or in an update status. For further information or questions, please contact Classification & Position Control:
Phone: 619-388-6597
Fax: 619-388-6897