Employee Related Data Requests:

If you have data request needs that you are not able to fullfill by accessing the annually published Facts on File, your may submit a request via our Data Request Form.  Please e-mail the completed form to the HR Systems department.


General System Errors or System Modifications:

If you are experiencing an error with the PeopleSoftHCM application, please email the IT Help Desk at A ticket will be opened and assigned to HR Systems or other IT Team as appropriate, for review and resolution.


Obtaining PeopleSoft HCM Application Access for System Users:

Access for most system users is established by position and is applied automatically when an employee begins or ends an assignment in a specific position. For new or updates to current access, contact HR Systems via your immediate supervisor to request an HCM User Request form.

Reporting and Analysis of Employee Information:

The State Chancellor's Office collects and produces employee data reports for various State and Federal government officials on an annual and term end basis.
  • The MIS employee data is collected and produced for public viewing and can be queried under Data Mart.
  • The Full-Time Faculty Obligation is a required report per the Education Code Section 87482.6, Title 5, CCR Sections 51025 and 53300, et seq. and can be reviewed online here.
  • The Federal government collects employee IPEDS Reporting on an annual basis and can be reviewed on a nationwide level here.