High School to College Credit by Exam

This page provides information and resources for high school students, teachers, and counselors regarding CTE Transitions High School to College Credit by Exam.

What is a CTE Transitions Credit by Exam Agreement?

A CTE Transitions Credit by Exam agreement between a high school and San Diego Community College District (including San Diego City College, San Diego Mesa College, and San Diego Miramar College) allows high school students to receive community college credit for an approved high school class if the student meets all the requirements of the agreement. These agreements better ensure that a student does not have to repeat the same content in at community college that they already studied in high school.  CTE Transitions Credit by Exam Agreements are available for career education courses only.



In order for a student to receive college credit, an active agreement must be in place between the student’s high school and SDCCD at the time the student was enrolled in the high school class.


Required Steps for Receiving College Credit

If you are a high school student in a CTE Transitions course, you need to satisfy and complete the following 5 steps:

1. Enroll in an approved CTE Transitions class at your high school.

2. Successfully create a CATEMA profile and select the approved CTE Transitions class(es) that you are enrolled in.

- Creating a CATEMA account - Quick Start Guide

3. Earn a grade of 'A' or 'B' in each section of an approved CTE Transitions class and on the final exam(s) and/or project.

4. Successfully complete an SDCCD college application online

- IMPORTANT: Please do not submit more than one SDCCD online application. If you are unsure if you've already applied, ask your teacher

5. After you have received your grades, submit CTE Transitions Program Student Petition for College Credit form and official high school transcript to CTE Transitions office.

- For a current student petition for credit form, please call the CTE Transitions office at (619) 388-6573.

Complete Steps 4, and 5 No later than 18 months after high school graduation.

If your petition for credit is successful, then the grade you received on your college approve final exam or portfolio will appear on your college transcript.




  • If you are currently enrolled in a high school career education course that participates in SDCCD’s CTE Transitions Program, please reach out to your teacher for assistance
  • If you have completed a CTE high school course please reach out to the SDCCD CTE Transitions Program  CTE Transitions help desk at 619-388-6572 or email eanthony@sdccd.edu.




The SDCCD CTE Transitions Program office retains a list of all individuals teaching a CTE course approved for CTE Transitions Credit by Exam.

If you are teaching a high school CTE Transitions course, you must complete the following 7 steps:

1.      Create your account in CATEMA if you don't already have one. Your account and/or class will need system administrator approval.

1a.      CATEMA Quick Start Guide for Teachers

2.      Guide your students through the enrollment process.

3.      Ensure your students are aware of the CTE Transitions Credit by Exam Certification Process and required steps noted above.

4.      Login to CATEMA and approve students requesting enrollment in your class.

5.      Enter end of course and exam/portfolio grades in CATEMA.

6.      Print, sign and date Class Roster in ink.

7.      Send the Class Roster to the CTE Transitions office by June 30 of each year.


Biotechnology Teacher Requirements
  • LIFE SCIENCE SUMMER INSTITUTE: All Biotechnology high school teachers must participate in the Life Science Summer Institute at Miramar  College in order for their course to qualify for credit by exam articulation with SDCCD.  
  • EXAM REQUIREMENTS: Dr. Bowers‐Gentry of Miramar College will administer Biotechnology exams at your high school or at Miramar College. Exam dates will be scheduled with Dr. Bowers‐Gentry in advance.  
  • CATEMA REQUIREMENTS: Biotechnology high school teachers will provide their CATEMA roster list to Dr. Bowers‐Gentry with highlighted names of students who are present at exam on the testing day. In the CATEMA system, high school teachers assign course grades to every student, but leave exam grade, recommended credit, and rating as pending.
  • GRADING: Dr. Bowers‐Gentry grades all Biotechnology exams and submits the results to CTE Transitions office and high school teachers. High School teachers are responsible for notifying students of exam results. CTE Transitions staff will assign exam grades in the CATEMA system and update recommendations for credit. Students that receive an A or B in the course and on the examination are eligible for credit.   Students must apply for credit no later than 18 months after high school graduation  



CATEMA Quick Start Guide for Teachers

Teacher Training Video (5 min)



If you are interested in developing a new agreement between your high school course and a San Diego Community College District college, please complete the Request Form.



CTE Transitions Credit by Exam agreements

2018-2019 Academic Year


For more information, please reach out to eanthony@sdccd.edu.