College Police Policies and Procedures

Department Directives

Police Authority

Confidentiality of Security Procedures

Police Pursuits

Firearms Procedures

Use of Liquid Chemical Agents

Carotid Restraint  (Rescinded)

Citizen Complaint Procedures and Investigations

Operation of Police Deparment Vehicles

Emergency Vehicle Operations

Police Equipment Accident Procedures

Off-Duty Use of Department Take-Home Vehicles

Department Correspondence

Department Equipment Accountability

Access and Release of Criminal Records and Police Reports

Court Procedures and Subpoenas

Bean Bag Impact Weapons

Patrol Rifle

Officer-Involved Shooting Investigations

Department Computer Use

Body Worn Cameras

Processing and Retention of Reports

Communications Unit Designator System

Specialized San Diego Police Department Resources

Industrial Accidents

Administrative Notifications

Property and Evidence Procedures

Extended Preliminary Investigations

Juvenile Procedures

Narcotic Enforcement Procedures

Missing Adults

Placing and Releasing Holds on Pawned Property

Receipts for Weapons and Currency

Media Evidence Recovery and Impounding/Preserving Procedures

Crimes Against Elders and Dependent Adults

Child Abuse Procedures

Stop/Detention and Pat-Down Procedures

Eyewitness Identification

Admonition Procedures

Domestic Violence

Arrest Warrant Procedures

Telephonic Search Warrant Procedures

Notify Warrants

Diplomatic Immunity

Retention/Custody of Officer Notes, Documents and Other Evidence

Probation, Parole, and Knock & Talk Searches

Incidents Involving Expressive Activity and First Amendment Rights

Standards of Conduct

Injury and Illness Reporting

Light Duty

Equal Employment Opportunity

Personnel Files

Uniform, Equipment and Weapons


Travel Time to Approved Training

Critical Incident Debrief Protocol

In-Service Training and P.O.S.T. Certification

Lost and Found Property

Grievance Procedures

Handcuffing, Restraining, Searching and Transporting Procedures

Arrest, Custody and Field Detention Procedures

Field Interview Report

Crime Incident Report Form

Crime Scene Protection and Preliminary Investigation

Handling of Injured Animals

Mental Health Procedures

Hate Crimes

Death Investigations

Board of Trustees Public Meetings

Door Unlock Procedures