Campus Community Emergency Response Team officers

Campus Community Emergency Response Teams (C-CERT)

**C-CERT is offered to San Diego Community College District employees only**

If you are a resident of the city of San Diego and would like more information about CERT, please visit CERT San Diego. You must live within the city limits of San Diego (this does not include Chula Vista, Del Mar, Poway, or Imperial Beach, for instance) OR you must be employed by a company with a physical business address in the City of San Diego. If you live outside the City of San Diego, visit County of San Diego CERT Contacts to find your local CERT team.

In order to better prepare each campus for such an emergency, the District and both Colleges have Campus Community Emergency Response Teams (C-CERT's). These teams will utilize emergency supplies cached on each campus.

The San Diego Community College Police Department is currently training District Faculty and Staff to become a certified Campus Community Emergency Response Team. The primary purpose of this program is to apply the established CERT model to the college and university environment. Every campus community is a virtual "city within a city", with many of the same challenges to public health and safety faced by any other community, but also some unique or special risks and vulnerabilities. Whether located in rural, urban or metropolitan areas, colleges and universities have large, diverse and multicultural populations of faculty, staff, and students on campus in residence halls and classrooms during the school year. Many also have large sports stadiums or arenas, conference centers, concert halls or other facilities that attract tens of thousands of visitors at a time for special events. Campus critical infrastructures may also include research laboratories, power plants, drinking water or wastewater treatment plants, hospitals and clinics, and IT networks.

Research shows that colleges and universities across the country have experienced critical incidents, emergencies and disasters from a variety of man-made and natural hazards in recent decades. The list includes major fires, hurricanes, floods, hazardous materials incidents, civil disturbances, and domestic terrorist attacks against campus research facilities by environmental or animal rights extremist groups.

To register for Campus Community Emergency Response Teams (C-CERT) Classes, please email the C-CERT Coordinator.