Career Exploration:
Students can explore different career options with our Vocational Counselors in order to determine their employment goal. We also offer our services in conjunction with the Occupational Opportunities class at the North City campus and Mesa College.

Vocational Counseling:
Counselors will explore and evaluate education, work history, interests, skills, and personality as well as utilize their understanding of the local labor market to assist in finding the best employment for each student. Through counseling the objective is to identify marketable skills to obtain employment.

Employment Preparation:
We provide students with the necessary tools for them to become successful in their job search. These tools include the creation of a "Master Application", resume writing, cover letter development, job search skills, online resources, job leads, job fairs, mock interviews, interview practice, disability rights, interview attire, goal setting, networking, and employer outreach.

Vocational Training Support:
Students who are pursuing their training within SDCCD are highly encouraged to combine education and work experience. The WA III staff will assist students in securing unpaid or paid internships related to their training to increase marketability upon graduation.

Worksite Monitoring:
WA III counselors monitor student progress once students have become employed. WA III counselors focus on teaching job retention strategies and remain available to assist students after they have been hired.

Each staff member is highly trained in accommodation recommendations in the workplace. Before and after the student is employed, the WA III counselor can advocate for the student to receive the necessary accommodations required to perform essential functions of their job.