Supervisory And Professional Unit

For questions regarding the salary schedules, please contact the Compensation Department at 619-388-6576 or view our Salary Schedules page.

Accountant 9
Accounting Specialist 6
Accounting Supervisor G
Acquisition Supervisor/Inventory & Receiving 9
Administrative Services Supervisor 13
Application Development Supervisor 13
Architectural Designer - I 6
Architectural Designer - II 10
Assistant Bookstore Supervisor 7
Benefits & Retirement Supervisor 13
Bookstore Location Supervisor 2
Bookstore Supervisor 9
Business Office Support Supervisor 9
Business Systems Analyst 11
Career Guidance & Transfer Center Supervisor 10
CE Instructional Support Analyst 12
Chief Broadcast Engineer 13
Child Development Center Director 13
Clerical Supervisor 5
College EEO/504/Discipline Officer 9
College Events and Operations Administrator 12
College Operations Supervisor 13
Community College Police Communications Supervisor 13
Community College Police Sergeant H
Community College Regional Police Lieutenant K
Computer Operations Supervisor 6
Construction Inspector L
Contract Specialist 10
Curriculum Analyst 9
Database Administrator K
Deputy Title IX Coordinator / Investigative Analyst 10
Digital Communications Specialist 10
Digital Print Production and Mail Services Supervisor 9
District Facilities Supervisor - Buildings and Grounds G
District Facilities Supervisor - Business Processes 12
District Facilities Supervisor - Equipment Repair 12
District Facilities Supervisor - HVAC / Electrical 12
District Network Specialist Supervisor E
District Reprographics / Digital Production Supervisor 11
Employment Supervisor 13
Enterprise Network Specialist Supervisor 13
Executive Assistant B
Executive Assistant to the Office of the President B
Facilities Supervisor - Custodial I 6
Facilities Supervisor - Custodial II 9
Facilities Supervisor - Landscape 8
Financial Aid Officer 12
Food Services Supervisor 7
GIS Program Supervisor 12
Health Services Center Director (academic) 13*
Help Desk Supervisor 5
Hourglass Park Supervisor 9
Human Resources Systems Analyst 12
Information Officer L
Instructional Computing Specialist Supervisor 11
Instructional Design Coordinator 11
Instructional Design Supervisor 12
Instructional Support Supervisor D
Instructional Support Supervisor II 10
Interpreting Services Supervisor 10*
Job Placement Coordinator (academic) 10
Lead Pool Attendant 3
Micro Specialist Supervisor 9
Nursing Center Supervisor 13
Oracle Database Administrator M
Outreach Coordinator 10
Parking Operations Supervisor 6
Parking Program Supervisor 11
Payroll Supervisor 13
Placement Officer 9
Police Records Supervisor 6
Procurement Contract Specialist 10
Procurement Specialist 9
Programmer Analyst H
Programmer Analyst II K
Programmer Analyst III M
Publications Editor and Supervisor 9
Purchasing and Contract Services Supervisor I
Radio Station Operations Supervisor M
Receiving / Stockroom Supervisor 7
Regional Facilities Officer 13
Research & Planning Analyst 13
Risk Management & Real Property Program Supervisor 13
Senior Instructional Support Supervisor 10
Senior Office Manager 8
Senior Office Manager - Information Technology 7
Senior Office Manager - Military Education 7
Senior Procurement Specialist 12
Stock Room Supervisor 3
Student Affairs Coordinator 5
Student Services Analyst M
Student Services Supervisor I 10
Student Services Supervisor II 12
Student Support Services Officer (academic) 12
Supervisor, Telecommunications Services E
Systems Administrator K
Systems Programmer K
Systems Support Analyst E
Technical Analyst H
Title IX Investigative Analyst 10
Web Designer and Support Supervisor 8

An asterisk ("*") on the salary range indicates there is a temporary 'Market Adjustment' or a 'Market Additive' added to the salary range. The classification listing and the classification description will always reflect the current District salary range without the 'Market Additive/Market Adjustment.'