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The San Diego Community College District’s Human Resource Division office is now open. Appointments are encouraged and available from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., walk-ins are available from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. For general questions you can contact us via email at You can also contact any of the departments below directly.

Human Resources Office
3375 Camino del Rio South
San Diego, Ca. 92108

Jared Burns
Vice Chancellor of People Culture and Technology

Karen Brown
Executive Assistant to the Vice Chancellor


Benefits Services - 619-388-6587

  • Joycelyn Dela Cruz, Senior HR Technician

  • Cheryl Lacsina, HR Technician: A-L

  • Annette Lara, HR Technician: M-Z
    ACA Tracking
    Long-Term Disability
    Tax Sheltered Annuities
    Flexible Spending Accounts
    Retiree Benefit Programs & Insurance
    Cobra Administration
    Shared Premium Program
    Early Retirement/Reduced Workload Program
    Notification of Death
    Name & Address Changes
    Life Insurance & Long Term Care

  • Julia Sanchez, Senior HR Technician
    Protected Leaves: FMLA, CFRA, PDL, etc.
    Leave Projections for LOAs

Compensation - 619-388-6576

  • Diana Ha, HR Technician
    Adjunct Salary Placement (all campuses)
    Adjunct Office Hours Program
    450 Process (Adjunct Faculty)
    Work Experience Faculty Payments
    Independent Study Faculty Payments
    Contract Faculty Evaluation Tracking (Probational/Promotion)
  • Danny Lara, OCC Senior HR Technician
    Annual Step Increments (Contract EE's)
    COLA Increases 
    Off Schedule/Retro Payments
    Salary & Classification Surveys
    Bargaining Unit Cost Outs
    Department Chair Compensation
    Differential Compensation (Shift Pay)
    Faculty Prof. Dev. & Salary Advancement
    Faculty Rank Promotion
    Pro Rata Contracts
    Salary Placement - Academic & Supervisory

EEO & Diversity - 619-388-6591

  • Johanna Palkowitz, Equal Opportunity & Diversity Officer
    State & Federal EEO Compliance
    Cultural Diversity & Competency
    Complaints & Investigations
    Vendor Review & Compliance

Employee Relations - 619-388-6880

  • Aimee Gallagher, Associate Vice Chancellor

  • Ruben Naungayan, Administrative Technician
    Resignation/Retirement Notices
    TB Compliance Process
    Computer Loans
    Tuition Reimbursement

  • Nicrista Alfaro, Senior HR Technician
    ADA/accomodation requests
    Non-FLMA leaves
    Leave Projections

  • Jeffrey Lumban, Senior Classification Technician
    Classified Unit Bargaining Support
    Position Maintenance
    Differential Compensation (Shift Pay)
    Educational Incentive Program
    Pay Additives
    Salary Placement for Class. Employees

Employee Services - 619-388-6582

  • Betty Robles-Leal, Associate Vice Chancellor

  • Danny Lara, HR Technician 

Employment Services - 619-388-6579

  • Andrea Gonzales, Employment Supervisor

  • Kate Therieau, Senior HR Technician

  • Gabby Lopez, HR Technician

  • Cristina Castro, HR Technician

  • Jasmine Vasquez, HR Technician

  • Erick Ruiz-Cadena, HR Technician

    Employment Data Requests
    Onboarding Contracts, Academic & Classified
    Process Adjunct/NANCE, New Hires and Additional Assignments

human resources systems - 619-388-6955

  • Rachel Wilker, Business Systems Analyst 

  • Carmina Vasquez, Business Systems Analyst

  • Sophear Slaketh, HR Technician

    Benefits Process/Configuration Lead
    MIS/FON/IPEDS State Reporting
    Data Requests/Reporting
    Reports to Workflow
    Assignment Updates/Corrections
    Process Review
    HCM Data Requests
    HCM Issues/Tickets
    HR Webpage Updates

Labor Relations - 619-388-6880

  • Zenaida Garcia, Labor Relations Analyst

  • Danielle Short, Labor Relations Analyst

    Support Supervisors & Managers in Performance Management
    Contract Negotiations & Interpretation
    Disciplinary & Grievance Process
    Faculty Service Areas (FSAs)

Legal Services - 619-388-6591

  • Ljubisa Kostic, General Counsel

  • Carmeter Lard, Adminstrative Technician

    Legal Services & EEO Services
    Workers’ Compensation
    Property & Liability Claims
    Insurance – ADA Accommodations
    Small Claims Court Representation

Payroll - 619-388-6582

  • Amanda Stopper, Payroll & Retirement Services Manager

  • Jackie Mendez, Senior HR Technician

  • Minerva Nabalarua, HR Technician

  • Eric ORiley, HR Technician

  • Kristina Gomez, HR Technician

    Contract, Adjunct, Hourly Payroll
    Unemployment Benefits
    Public Service Loan Forgiveness Requests
    Verifications of Employment
    Void, Reissue, Lost Checks
    Sick Leave Transfer
    Timesheet Corrections
    Direct Deposit or W4 Assistance
    Unit Pay / TAO Questions
    Manual Check Requests
    Subpoenas for Personnel Records
    Employee ID Cards

Payroll Accounting - 619-388-6724

  • Christina Levine, DO Accounting Specialist

  • Diana Hernandez, OOC DO Accounting Specialist

    W-2 Processing & Duplicate Requests
    Payroll Vendor Payments
    Wire Transfers, Bank Transfers
    SD County Treasurer Contact
    Payroll Tax Payments & Filings
    PERS & STRS Reconciliation
    Quarterly Audits

Retirement Services - 619-388-6685

  • Eva Arteaga, Senior HR Technician

  • Daniella Greene, Senior HR Technician

  • Diana Hernandez, Senior HR Technician

    PERS/STRS Reporting
    FICA Alternative Plan
    SafetyPERS Reporting & Payments
    Retirement Research
    Retirement Rules Compliance