Professional Development

What is EPD?

The Employment & Professional Development (EPD) Office is a part of the San Diego Community College District's Human Resources Department. We are dedicated to the support of San Diego Community College District employees through leadership development academies training workshops, mentoring programs, and resource referrals.

Our purpose is to prepare for the next generation of San Diego Community College leaders, and improve and expand the knowledge, skills and abilities of the current staff and faculty. The program includes employment orientation, job performance management training related to key subject domains, personal enrichment workshops, and leadership development academies in support of succession planning.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Employment & Professional Development Office is to assist and support staff in the pursuit of personal and career development. This development will enhance employee performance and heighten productivity, thus optimizing personnel resources in the pursuit of the District's goals to provide high quality learning experiences for the San Diego community.


Professional Development CONTACT INFORMATION

Main Number: 619-388-6373
FAX: 619-388-6897

Aimee Gallagher
Associate Vice Chancellor, Employee Relations
Human Resources Employee / Labor Relations
Phone: 619-388-6880

Jhelen Ramirez
Senior Human Resources Technician
Professional Development 
Phone: 619-388-6373

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