Canvas Studio

Getting Started

Studio provides an integrated video sharing platform for instructors upload and record videos seamlessly through the interactive video tool.

Some key features include:

  • Faculty can easily record webcam and screencast video within Canvas
  • Faculty can create and manage a library of videos for use in Canvas (and to share outside of Canvas)
  • Faculty can add quiz questions into videos; students respond while watching the video; results go directly into the gradebook
  • Faculty can create discussion activities that are based on video (discussion comments are tied to specific points in the video)
  • Instructors have access to analytics that display individual usage statistics for each student including the, media viewed, length of view, when viewing was terminated.
  • Instructors can access their media using the Canvas Studio course navigation link and have the ability to add Studio media using the rich content editor in Assignments, Discussions, and Pages.
  • Videos can be automatically captioned and the captions can be easily edited
  • More information on using Canvas Studio in the rich content editor can be found on the guides


Introduction to Canvas Studio with Dave Giberson

 More guides and videos about Canvas Studio can be found of the SDCCD On Demand Website.


Introduction to Canvas Studio:


Canvas Studio guides:


Captioning with Studio

Canvas Studio allows instructors to easily incorporate closed captioning to their recorded content to make all recorded content accessible to students, and to satisfy the DE video captioning guidelines. With tools like Canvas Studio's ability to generate closed captions automatically with 85% accuracy will greatly aid in making recorded lectures and other content easier to transcribe and share among your students.

To find out more about the Canvas Studio captioning features, you can visit our Accessibility Center for Video Captioning on our Website.

You can also follow this guide from Canvas: How to use Canvas Studio Captioning Services


More Captioning Support:

YouTube captions do not automatically transfer into Canvas Studio.  If you own the YouTube video, you can, however, easily and quickly download your YouTube captions and upload them into Canvas Studio. 

Here’s a video showing how to do that: How to add YouTube Captions to Canvas Studio


Things get a little difficult if you need to transfer captions for a YouTube video that you do not own. 

It can be done and here’s a video showing one way to do it: How to add captions to a video you do not own, using Canvas Studio

Canvas Studio resources and guides



If you encounter errors when attempting to record your screen in Canvas Studio.

Try the fixes outlined in this video:  How to Troubleshoot Canvas Studio