Canvas Issues

Immersive Reader issues for Canvas Content PAges

It has come to our attention that the Microsoft Immersive Reader feature is experiencing some issues and not displaying properly for students.

Canvas is aware of the issue and will be working to correct this feature for the students that rely on the accessibility tool.


Instructors have the ability to enable their "Pages" in their Navigation Menu, and this will allow students to use the Immersive Reader to make content accessible to them. 

The following video will walk you through the steps needed to enable the Immersive Reader for your Canvas Content Pages:



Step by step guide to enable the microsoft immersive reader

1. As an instructor you will always be able to view the Microsoft Immersive Reader for your Canvas Content Pages:

A screenshot of a Canvas Content Page pointing to the Immersive Reader Feature


2. Once you open the Immersive Reader feature an assistive reader will appear. This feature will make it easier for students to read content and will read out content to students if they so choose: 


Screenshot of the Immersive Reader


3. By using the Student View Feature. We can verify that students are currently unable to view or access the Immersive Reader unless "Pages" are enabled in your Course Navigation:

Screenshot of Student View showcasing the missing Immersive Reader Feature.


4. To enable "Pages" in your Course Navigation first you will need to select your Course Settings (1) on the bottom left-hand corner.

    Then select the "Navigation" tab on the top middle of the Settings page (2).

    Then take the "Pages" item on the Navigation Menu and drag it to the top box (3).

Screenshot of Canvas Course Settings on how to enable Pages.


5. Here is how "Pages" will look once you have moved the item:

Screenshow showing "Pages" in the top box of the Navigation Menu Setting.


6. Finally Save your changes by selecting the blue button on the bottom left-hand corner:

Screenshot showing the save button.


Now your "Pages" are enabled on the Navigation Menu. Your students will be able to use the Immersive Reader on your Content Pages.

If you are experiencing any other Canvas issues or bugs. Please contact the Online Learning Pathways Staff