For New Faculty on Canvas @ SDCCD

For New Faculty on Canvas @ SDCCD

Welcome to the San Diego Community College District. Please use the following faculty resources as you get started teaching your online or on-campus course.

Faculty Canvas Accounts:

All faculty scheduled to teach a course at SDCCD (online, hybrid, or on-campus) will have a course shell in Canvas once the semester class schedule is developed. Faculty are encouraged to develop their content in a development shell and transfer the content to the teaching shell when the class is about to begin.  Changes in any part of the your class scheduled may necessitate cancelling your CN and rebuilding it.  If this occurs, all content will be lost.  Please contact the 24/7 Canvas Faculty Support Number: 1-844-612-7422. Please have your 10-digit Employee ID ready before you call.

Change Your Canvas Password:

Your login is your 10-digit ID number.  We have set a default password which needs to be changed. Please use the following guide to change the default password:Change My Password 

Our Online Training Courses:

We offer two online courses for faculty who are getting started with Canvas. You'll find the information for these two courses on our Faculty Training page. They are eligible for Faculty Flex credit throughout the academic year.

More Faculty Resources:

Several additional resources for SDCCD faculty are available on our Faculty Resources page

Need More Help?

You can email us at to schedule an in-person appointment or to meet with Zoom video conferencing.

Each college also has a faculty mentor to assist with Canvas and online teaching support.

Our 24/7 Helpdesk phone number for students is (844) 612-7421 and faculty support is (844) 612-7422.