Mobile Learning

As powerful mobile computing devices like smartphones and tablets become more and more a part of the technology landscape, we're going to see an every-increasing trend toward accessing online learning resources on these devices. We are already seeing a significant level of mobile access to Blackboard. This page will offer resources to faculty and students intended to facilitate mobile Learning.

  • The Blackboard Mobile Learn App - this smartphone/tablet app is designed to give faculty and students effective access to the Blackboard Course Management System. Here's a tutorial showing how to obtain and use this app.
  • Grading on an iPad or other tablet - While you probably won't want to do all of your grading on a tablet device, it is possible for an instructor to review grades and do some grading on mobile devices when necessary.
  • Mobile document consumption - We're told that it's difficult to read long document on a portable device. Is that really the case, and what can we do about it?