Canvas Learning Management System

What is the Canvas?

Canvas is an online platform that supports the San Diego Community College District (SDCCD) in offering online courses. It includes various features that allow students to collaborate, join discussions, view lessons, submit assignments, take exams, check grades, communicate with instructors and peers, and track their academic progress.

Canvas is a secure, password-protected system where SDCCD can manage digital learning. Teachers can create and share online learning materials, evaluate student performance, and store important documents like course syllabi and other resources. Students can interact with their courses and get feedback on their progress.

In addition to being available on the web, Canvas can also be accessed on mobile devices through the Canvas Student app. Learn more about the Canvas mobile applications.

Who Can use it?

Faculty and students alike both have access to Canvas. Once a faculty member or student has been assigned or enrolled into an online course, their account is automatically generated two weeks before the course start date.

Getting Started with Canvas

Faculty and Students can login to the SDCCD Canvas by visting:

If this is your first time logging into Canvas you should have received a notitication in your SDCCD email with the following default login instructions:

Type your Username = 10-digit College Identification (ID number)
Type your Password = mmddyyyy (birthdate with no hyphens, slashes or spaces)

For example: 0009010101 (ID number)
                    06031980 (password for birthdate June 3, 1980)

In the event that you cannot reset your password or access your account you can contact Canvas Faculty Support: 1-844-612-7422 or you submit a help desk ticket

New update about logging into canvas (SSO)

Starting July 15th 2024, Canvas will begin using the District’s single sign on (SSO).

SSO means that students will be able to use their SDCCD Email to sign into Canvas. SSO is part of a multi-phase ITS implementation project to streamline technology integrations and to strengthen cyber security for students, faculty, and staff. 

How to reset your SSO Password

  • On the Microsoft 365 Portal: Once you have logged in at, click on the Settings icon in the upper-right corner, it looks like a circular gear. Click on "Change your password ->" in the Settings panel. You will first be asked to enter your “Old password”, followed by your new password, and then also to confirm that new password. Additional MFA validation may also be required.
  • Go to and "Report an IT Issue", or call the ITS Help Desk at 619-388-7000 to receive a temporary password directly from the IT department.