Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol (RSVP)

Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol members with the chiefNo police department is large enough to keep a community safe on its own. Effective crime prevention requires the active support of citizens and a partnership between police and the community.

Our Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol is a group of individuals who contribute time and service to the College Police Department and the campus community in the belief that their activity is beneficial to others as well as satisfying to themselves.

RSVP members

  • Patrol College campuses and visit Continuing Education campuses on a regular basis.
  • Collect information (be "eyes" and "ears") and relay it to police supervisors
  • Guide and direct new students and visitors
  • Provide information about campus locations and events
  • Support special events, graduation ceremonies and sports programs
  • Provide a friendly, uniformed presence to deter disruptive activity
  • Contribute to the perception of a safe campus environment
  • Assist with safety training programs, health fairs
  • Take an active role in emergency preparedness programs, training and activities

Patrol members work during daylight hours, wear uniforms, normally operate in pairs, are equipped with radio communication and drive police vehicles.

Join Us
For information on becoming an RSVP member call 619-388-2323, or e-mail us at