Motor Assistance Program


College Service Officers are trained to provide motorist assistance in the form of automobile:
  • battery jumps
  • lock-out service
College Service Officers are located on every campus where parking permit requirements are enforced. These services are available free of charge to students, staff and faculty on those campuses when a CSO is available. For service, call our College Police Dispatch Center at 619-388-6405, use the College Police button on any District phone, or use any Emergency Call Box on campus or in the parking lots.



The vehicle must be parked on campus, in a valid parking space and must display a valid SDCCD parking permit or valid, state issued disabled placard. Off-campus services will be provided, within a three block radius of campus, to owners of a valid staff/faculty parking permit or a student semester parking permit only. Off campus services are not provided to non-students or students without a valid semester parking permit. Daily permits are not valid for off-campus services.



There may be times when a CSO is not available; beginning of semester activities sometimes preclude CSOs from responding to motorist assistance calls for example. There are also times where there are no assigned CSOs because of vacation, sick calls, training, etc... Services are not available in these cases and CSOs cannot be dispatched from another campus, however upon request, Dispatch will call a tow company or lock-out service of your choice to perform these services. Services performed by a tow company or lock-out service are at motorists' expense.



The SDCCD Parking Services Motorist Assistance Program is funded through the Parking Services Vehicle Immobilization Program. Motorists who accumulate five or more unpaid parking citations risk having their vehicle immobilized (or "booted") and must pay a vehicle release fee (currently $45) in addition to any outstanding parking fines. Vehicle release fees are deposited in a special account earmarked for Motorist Assistance training and equipment purchases.